September 13, 2020

Dealing with the Enemies of Faith

Dealing with the Enemies of Faith

Spirit of Anxiety

Reaction to a situation that is perceived to be unpleasant. E.g. Pandemic or COVID-19 situation it has taken over our lives and has put us in unease. Anxiety can lead to worry, restlessness, lack of sleep, panic attacks, lack of focus and hopelessness.

It is the strategy of the enemy.

Exodus 14:8-31

And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh King of Egypt and he pursued the children of Israel and overtook them camping at the sea. When the children of Israel lifted their eyes, they were so afraid. And they cried out to the Lord.

Note that they came out rejoicing from Egypt, with great substance but they forgot the assurance that God gave them with his presence being with them, they forgot the covenant God made with Abraham, they forgot how they were blessed and delivered and came out with great substance.

They begun to complain. Flesh took over instead of the Spirit, their human nature and they said they wanted to go back to Egypt.

Moses stood on the unchangeable promise of God and told the people *Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord*

We shall live to serve the Lord and not die.


Weapon against Spirit of anxiety

Count on God unfailing promises

His word as shown in these scriptures:


Heb 13:6 The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.

Psalm 121:1 I will lift my eyes to the hill

Psalm 91 He that dwells in the secret place

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against me shall prosper

Isaiah 59:19 When the enemy comes in like the flood. The spirit of the lord will lift up a standard against him.

Call upon the Lord and he will deliver us.

Phil 4:6 Be anxious for nothing….

Declarations: None shall be sick from COVID-19 and even if they get sick none shall die